Thank you's

Thank you's

Posted on Thursday July 07, 2016 at 01:18PM

We have been pleasantly surprised to receive the following "praises" from some of our library patrons lately.

From Betty Saik, a thank you for being drawn as one of our Mother's Day Basket Raffle Winners

Dear Library,  Thanks so much to all of you and just an added thought, to wish you all the same deep joy - your kindliness has brought! I was overwhelmed when I received such a beautiful, generous collection of a Mother's Day Gift. Thank you so much.  ~ Betty Saik

From Anita Kostynuk, presented at our Anniversary Celebration, along with a much appreciated donation to our Summer Reading Program:

Innisfree Library Family, Congratulations on your accomplishments and your dedication to this project and its positive impact on the community. It is with humble pride I say keep up the good work and many good wishes for the future. ~ Anita Kostynuk

From Bonnie Gray, Public Library Services Branch Assistant Director:

Hi: This is for Marilyn and the board. I'm just processing your grant application for this year and was reading the comments in your annual report. Your board staff has been very busy. I really enjoyed your comments.

Not only are the board and staff working with and through other organizations in the community to provide library related services to individuals in the community, you are also providing support to organizations and individuals in the was an impressive list of activities and I am most impressed with the energy, enthusiasm and initiative you are all showing. I can see that there are also a number of people who volunteer with these activities and with the operation of the library so don't want to forget them either.

So, to all of you, good are a great example of how a public library can contribute to the life of a small community.

Regards,  Bonnie

Author: Village of Innisfree Public Library


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