Village of Innisfree Library Bylaw 102-17

     The Village of Innisfree Library Boars enacts the following bylaw pursuant to the Libraries Act, Chapter L-11, Section 36, which states:

     26 (1) A board may pass bylaws for the safety and use of the library, including the terms and conditions under which:
                         The public may be admitted to the building
                         Public library property may be used or borrowed by members of the public
                         Borrowing privileges may be suspended or forfeited
                         Schedule of fees being levied

          Not withstanding subsection (3) fees to be paid by members of the public for the:
                         Issuance of library borrowing cards
                         Use of those parts of the library not used for the purposes of the library
                         Receiving information in a printed, electronic,magnetic, or other format
                         Receiving, upon request, a library service not normally provided by the library
                         Penalties to be paid by members of the public for abuse of borrowing privileges


1. For the purposes of this bylaw:

     1.1 "Act" refers to the Libraries Act, Chapter L-11 and amendments thereto.

     1.2 "Board" and "VILB" refers to the Village of Innisfree Library Board.

     1.3 "Borrower" and "Cardholder" refer to the person to whom a library borrower's card has been issued.

     1.4 "Librarian" or "Library Manager" refers to the person charged by the board with the operation of the Village of Innisfree Library (VIL).

     1.5 "Library Resources" refers to any material, regardless of format, that is held in the library's collection and includes books, periodicals,
            audio recordings, video recordings, projected media, paintings, drawings, photographs, micro materials, toys and games, kits, CD-ROMS             and electronic databases in the collection of the Village of Innisfree Library or borrowed by the Village of Innisfree Library.

     1.6 Cardholder categories shall include the following:
          a. "Adult" means any person age 18-64
          b. "Senior" means any person age 65 or older
          c. "Youth" means any person up to and including 17 years of age

     1.7 "Household" means a group of designated persons who legally claim residency at the same residential address or land location.

     1.8 "Institution" and "organization" may be used interchangeably to refer to any organization such as a school or business.
     1.9 "TAL Card borrower" refers to a cardholder from outside the Northern Lights Library System with a current TAL Card.

     1.10 "Good Standing" means a current cardholder with no outstanding overdue items or charges.

     1.11 "Resident" shall refer to any person who resides with the Village of Innisfree or any member municipality of the Northern Lights Library             System.
     1.12 "Non-resident" shall refer to any person who is not a resident of any member municipality of the Northern Lights System.

     1.13 "Trac" refers to The Regional Automated Consortium

     1.14 "TAL card" refers to the Alberta Library card which allows a cardholder to borrow resources from any library participating in The Alberta               Library card program.

     1.15 "Village" means the Village of Innisfree

     1.16 In these bylaws, unless the contrary intention appears in the context:
                    Words imparting male persons include female persons.
                    Words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular.

                    Where a word is defined, other parts of speech and tenses of that word have corresponding meanings.

     1.17  Where the time limit for doing anything falls on a day when the library is closed to the public the time shall be deemed to be extended to               the first day thereafter on which the library is open to the public.

Interpreting the Bylaw

     2.1 The VILB is a corporation as defines by the Interpretation Act, Chapter 1-8.

     2.2 All schedules attached to this Bylaw shall form part of this Bylaw.

Admittance to/Conduct in Library Facilities

     3.1 The library is to be open free of charge to the public for library purposes at the hours posted.

     3.2 There will be charges applied for use of library premises and/or resources not normally used for public library purposes.

     3.3 Any person using the library shall conduct himself so as not to disturb other library users.

     3.4 No person shall take away any library item unless the item has been properly checked out in agreement with the procedures established for           the circulation of library items.

     3.5 No person shall solicit other library users or staff for personal, commercial, religious, or political reasons.

     3.6 Except with the permission of the Library Manager, no person shall:

               a) Consume food or drink in the library
               b) Bring any animal, other than an aid dog, into the library
               c) Bring a wheeled vehicle or conveyance, other than a wheelchair or walker, baby carriage or stroller, into the library.

     3.7 Persons who do not act in accordance with the above criteria shall be asked to stop their actions. If the action continues or the seriousness           of the action justifies it, library staff will direct the person to leave the library and /or library staff may ask for outside assistance.

     3.8 All persons using the library shall comply with applicable public health regulations.

     3.9 No member of the public is to be left in the library for any purpose without a staff person or member of the VILB present at all times.           Designated personnel from the Village of Innisfree and the Innisfree and District Agricultural Society have access to the building in relation to           building concerns.

     3.10 Children under the age of 10 who are not accompanied by a responsible caregiver may be asked to leave the library. A parent, caregiver or             the police will be contacted by library staff to pick up the child.

Library Cards

     4.1 Any person defined by 1.11 is eligible to apply for a VIL borrower's/library card. This borrower/library card will be issued upon the following           conditions:
                              a. Completion of an official VIL borrower's application form.
                              b. Presentation of a piece of photo identification bearing the applicant's permanent address or, if a child is applying, a parent                                   or legal guardian must present photo identification bearing their permanent address.
                              c. Applicants or, in the case of young children 0-14 years their parent or legal guardian, must sign the library card in the                                   presence of the Library Manager.
                              d. Applicants must be in good standing as per 1.10.
                              e. The VIL Library card will be issued.

     4.2 The library card is valid from the date of issue to the date of expiry, unless revoked by the Library Manager.

     4.3 The library card remains the property of the Village of Innisfree Library.

     4.4 Applicants may receive a TAL card if the applicant is a resident cardholder in good standing.

Responsibilities of a Cardholder

     5.1 Library cards are non - transferable and as such may only be used by the cardholder.

     5.2 Loss or theft of a library card must be reported immediately to the library manager. Cardholders are responsible for all library resources           borrowed and all charges attributable before the loss ir theft of the card is reported. A fee will be assessed for a replacement card.

     5.3 Cardholders will notify the library of any change if address or telephone number.

     5.4 Cardholders are responsible for all library items borrowed on their card and will compensate the library for all library items damaged or lost           while borrowed. In the case of a family membership - the cardholder of the master mempership is responsible for all library items borrowed           on a family membership card.

Loan of Library Resources

     6.1 There is no charge for:

  • Using library resources on library premises;
  • Borrowing library resources normally lent by the library;
  • Consultation with members of the library staff
  • Receiving basic information service.

     6.2 Loan periods for library resources are set out in VIL policy.

     6.3 Library resources may be reserved and/or renewed in accordance to VIL policy.

     6.4 There are fees for use of printing services as set out in Schedule A.

Penalty Provisions

     7.1 There is a fee for overdue or damaged VIL resources as set out in Schedule A.

     7.2 Penalty fees for overdue or damaged Non-VIL resources are determined according to TRAC guidelines.

     7.3 A library card may be denied or revoked if the cardholder fails to satisfy the conditions prescribed above or has previously shown that they           cannot be trusted with library resources by repeated damage to or loss of library materials.

     7.4 In cases of serious dereliction, the Board may prosecute an offence that is punishable under the Libraries Act, s.41.

     7.5 Any fine or penalty imposed pursuant to an offence under Libraries Act, s.41(2) is credited to the board having the management or control of           the property in respect of which the offence was committed.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy 

The purpose of the bylaw id to establish the administrative structure of the Village of Innisfree Library in relation to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For the purposes of this bylaw expression:
               "Act" refers to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act).

               "Applicant" refers to the VIL and includes any board or committee that is created by the VIL and all members or officers appointed or                chosen by the VIL.

               "Manager" refers to the person appointed as the Library Manager of the VIL and includes anyone who holds the position in an acting                capacity.

     8.1 The Library Manager shall be responsible and accountable for all decisions taken under the act.

     8.2 Where an Applicant is required to pay a few for services, the fee payable will be in accordance with the Act, as amended from time to time           or any successor regulation that sets fees for requests for information from the Province.

     Village of Innisfree Library Bylaw passed March 7, 2012 is herby rescinded.

     READ for the first time:             February 8, 2017.

     READ for the second time:         November 8, 2017

     Unanimous consent for this third and final reading:     November 8, 2017.

     Signed by Gayle Foyster, Chair

                    Elizabeth Harrison, Vice-Chair