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Sent: Aug 05 2015


Innisfree Fair Day - August 12th: Watch for our float in the parade and find our booth at the Rec Centre Bench Show!
Free Ice Cream at the library from 12-2pm!

Grandparents Day - September 4th, 1:30pm: We will be showing "I Love Lucy" episodes, refreshments & desserts included of course!
A great afternoon for laughs and socializing! 

Book Club Meeting - September 7th, 7pm: Organizational Meeting. Bring a book suggestion!

AB Culture Days Celebration Beer Tasting - September 26th, 7-9pm:
Join us for an evening of arts and culture. Enjoy a sample or two of locally brewed beer & ale while enjoying art supplied by local artists.
Tickets $20 in advance/$25 at the door. Available at the Library, Deb's ATB, Minco Gas, Vermilion Standard, Library Board Members.
These will sell out fast - get yours now!

Summer Reading Program Update

The Summer Reading Program at the Village of Innisfree Library had another successful year! The program was held July 8th to 10th and July 15th to 17th, and there were 42 kids registered in total over the 6 day program! The range of age was 3 to 11, and the kids were split into two groups for stories and certain activities according to their age. There was an exciting career theme for each day, with books, crafts and activities planned each day to match the theme. During snack time there were also centerpieces made out of food that matched the theme!

The first day’s theme was “Chefs”, and the kids played a hot potato game that helped them get to know each other and made food art for their craft.
July 9th was Astronaut Day, and the children enjoyed learning about space and played “don’t drop the asteroid”, a space version of “don’t drop the balloon”.
Scientist Day came next, and the kids had fun making their own Styrofoam robots. We even had one of the kids show us his own experiments!

Week two began with Paleontologist Day, a day full of exciting activities such as digging for fossils in a sandbox and playing dinosaur bingo.

Next was Spy Day, where we dressed in black, created our own masks and caught our jewel stealing librarian red handed (which ended up being an honest mistake on her part, of course)!

The last day of the program was a Story Teller theme, where the kids created their own world within a shoebox. The theme was also quite fitting as the day also involved the COW Bus!

The COW (Classroom On Wheels) Bus had books and activities that were enjoyed by our Summer Reading Program kids, as well as many other children who showed up after the program ended. There was also a parent workshop that was held from 1:30 to 2:30pm, where the parents learned how to encourage early literacy in their children.

Overall, the Summer Reading Program was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved and we hope to see many of the kids return next year for another 2 weeks of fun activities!

We ended off our Summer Programming with a performance by Joel Kafka, Puppeteer. His puppet show followed Yolanda the goat, who went in search of clean water for her farm! The show taught the kids about the importance of keeping our water clean. After the performance, the kids (& some adults) had the opportunity to create their own show with sock puppets provided by Mr. Kafka.


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